Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some OLD Artwork

A Fun Cloud Study

from a tiny little ref

my dad framed it :D

Battlefield 3

Watercolor Pencil Portrait


I took a photo from the maiden pools in tucson (up ventana canyon trail) and painted it in openCanvas

this was before the burning and dodging


from Gears of War - Boomer

Tali and another random girl

made in oC1.1

from ref


messed up the lighting change

Forza 4 Vinyls - Hey! its an art form!

These vinyls are a pain in the butt. You can only use the preset shapes and then a warp and resize button. WHILE using an xbox controller.

Fun but requires a lot of patience!!



Scrapbook Page - T Rex Style!

A Mother's Gentle Love

"I remember when my mom made that face... right before she regurgitated into my mouth." - April

sharpie sketch


Legion from Mass Effect 2 - Drawn from a reference image when I was bored haha


Gargoyle painted from a reference photo I found on Google. Acrylic on canvas board 6"x8"

Bridal Shower Lingerie Cookies

I made these cookies for my bridal shower :D

Table Names for the Wedding

These are small watercolors I made for the table names at my wedding. Once all the names are added and the images mounted on chipboard I will upload the final product